Speech Intelligibility and Grain Size - a SLRF 2017 preview post

Next month, I'll be giving a talk called "Explaining Intelligibility: What matters most in L2 Speech?" at Second Language Research Forum 2017 in Columbus, Ohio. That talk will examine features of L2 Korean speech that caused intelligibility issues, based on data from 30 Korean native speaking listeners. This post is a preview, where I'll show some of my initial summary data.

In second language speech, a handful of constructs are widely studied and considered important: intelligibility, comprehensibility, accentedness, and fluency. Arguably, intelligibility is the most important, as you can't really have successful communication without it. When we think about intelligibility, we might think of it holistically to describe a person's general ability or a person's performance in some speaking context. Language tests are a good example of this- the word "intelligibility" pops up in rubrics that are used to assess someone's speaking performance o…

Using Qualtrics and Soundcloud to do speech/listening research online