Using Qualtrics and Soundcloud to do speech/listening research online

Intro The internet is making it easier and easier to conduct L2 research. It's really easy to send out questionnaires to language learners or teachers, for example. It's also a great tool for collecting writing samples, or having learners read short texts and answer questions. Importantly, the internet makes finding and interacting with participants much easier than doing everything in person. Although you don't get the same level of control over experimental conditions that are valuable for some kinds of research, I'd argue that the internet makes it much more feasible to get non-undergraduate participants at low or no cost. Essentially, you trade experimental control for better sampling (than you could get otherwise).

One thing that isn't really easy to do on the internet is responding to or recording audio. Getting audio samples from participants over the internet in response to some kind of stimulus is pretty much a nightmare, and one that I would love to see…