Freely Accessible L2 Research

Unfortunately, access to good L2 research isn't easy. Many, if not most, of the top L2 research journals are behind steep paywalls. Books range from somewhat reasonable (say, $30 for a paperback) to astronomically expensive (hardback encyclopedias costing several hundred dollars). Researchers typically rely on their university libraries to pay for access to these materials, and occasionally pay out of pocket for maybe a few books a year that they'd like to keep on their bookshelf. For practicing teachers, independent researchers, and researchers working in contexts with limited resources, these costs are too much to bear. However, there are a number of good sources of freely-accessible L2 research.

This post, a continual work in progress, is my compilation of what I think are really good, free L2 research. If you have any suggestions for additions, I'd love to hear from you (though I ultimately reserve the right to curate for quality!).

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